Saturday, August 24, 2013

My Week in Pictures (Week #40)

It was another good week. Happily exhausted.


Daisies in a polka-dot vase.

Ginormous moth on the screen door.

Millie gets some lap time.

Rhythm sight-reading with my choir kids.

My outfit on Monday was super-cute. P.S. That's my
huge uniform storage closet.

That can't be comfy.

New socks. I love them.

I went to the school nurse on Tuesday. I have a wart or
something that burst and is resisting healing. Just when I
think it will I accidentally rip it open again. She got rid of my
Angry Birds bandage and put gauze/tape on it.

Salad dressing in a shampoo bottle. Keeping it in my

Don't bug me.

My class falls during first lunch. We got tired, on Monday,
of people disrupting us. My kids LOVED this sign and
have taken to hanging it up for me if I forget!

One-Pic Wednesday. I leg-pressed 160 pounds!!


"Pick me up and cuddle with me NOW please."


I had to laugh. On the one hand, good for them, standing
up for feminism. On the other, it's school, ladies. Not the

I love this bracelet, and it looks kinda cute with my staff

Midtown Sacramento. Met up with Summer today for
lunch at Cafe Bernardo. I got there early so I walked around
a bit.

Summer got me a birthday gift at her sister-in-law's store.

My hot chocolate came in a bowl.

After lunch, we walked around some more, chatting.

We stopped at a gluten-free store.

Midtown Victorian

I've been wanting this sign pic (you can see it from the
freeway) for AGES!

We found a gluten-free bakery and stopped in for

Love this!!

Little goodies from the SIL's store. She includes the little
box with every purchase!

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