Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Week in Instagram (Week #41)

What a crazy, hectic week! I had a bunch of seriously long days (like 12+ hours), but a lot of satisfaction.


Cloud Appreciation.

I made a banner out of these tags (that's vintage sheet

Millie, Mom and I watched the Niners on Sunday. A rare
shot of me wearing my glasses.

The pen Summer gave me for my birthday, displayed on
my desk.

I subbed for a colleague. She had some story-writing
vocabulary on a board, using Cinderella as an example.
Someone has it in for ole Cinder...

My choir banner.

This is my campus. That's the theater building, where my
classroom is. I was back for Back To School Night.

A tiny respite between private lessons. I found a couch
and took my book.

I found some old comics I'd saved. This one makes me

An offering left on my bed, two mornings in a row.

Dead lifts. Yep. Even when life gets crazy, I make time.

Wednesday was Staff Picture Day. I look about 12 in this.


Fun with rhythms.

By the time I got a quick break between piano lessons, I
was feeling pretty "hair-ied."

Millie wasn't all that into the Niner game. Mom and I
were, though!

My first pay day at the new job! : )

Today I finally bit the bullet and went to urgent care for
the nasty blob on my thumb. Good news: it's not serious.
Bad news: I spent $125 to be told I need to see a dermatologist.

Not pictured: the damned blob when it bursts and bleeds
all over the damned place.

This is why I save my change. Dad gave me about half
of this. That's sixty-two bucks!
Saturday: No pics. I spent a great deal of time cleaning, then Mom and I went shopping. Now my back hurts (it has been, on and off, boo) and I'm sitting here drinking tea. Because I've earned some sit-and-drink-tea time this week!

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