Friday, August 23, 2013


Sitting here just now, I realized that my Harley Dude would have been five today. It's a couple months shy of a full year since his death, and I still miss him like crazy sometimes.

For the most part, I smile when I think of him. It's nice to remember the sweet, slightly-crazy, very dumb-but-loveable boy I took into my heart and home. I was recently digging some bookcases out of my storage unit and I glanced down at my clawed-up sofa and laughed, even as I rolled my eyes. That furniture is destroyed.

Funny how a cat can have such an impact on a person's heart. I don't know who was luckier--Harley for getting a home with me, or me for getting four years with a purrvert in an orange striped suit.

Oh, hell. It was me.

I miss you, Doodlebug.

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