Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thankful...Part 3

You can tell a lot about a person by their space.

My space happens to be a tiny bedroom in my parents' house, for now. I don't mind too much; while sometimes I miss having my own space, there's also something nice about having people around after several years of it being me and the cat(s).

Anyway, I inhabit a tiny space, but I am thankful for that space. Today I cleaned it, and took some pictures of it. I call it my Batcave, and it is a somewhat cluttered, definitely colorful, space.

For starters, I sleep on a Murphy bed. I fold it up to clean.

The only stuff I keep under the bed--a storage box with bags and purses,
and my trusty foam roller.

At the foot of the bed, this wall full of stuff. My office.

The piano, a garbage bag hanging from the door, and a view to the living
room with a sweet little torbie wondering if I've finished vacuuming yet.

To the left of my bed (as I sleep in it): my DVDs and a
bunch of my books. Also: a llama (long story),
Harry Bear (from England) and my very old Snoopy that
has never been packed away or left behind.

The top of that cupboard--some favorite tea stuff, a mirror that Summer
gave me, and my motto.

It was Mom who suggested I use my file cabinet (goes
with the desk set) as a night stand.

Everything I need in one cramped space--computer (I have held off getting
a laptop all these years because I hate the flat keyboard), TV, DVD player,
etc. etc.

On the desk--a quote that never fails to inspire me.

Also, a note enclosed in the very first piece of mail Maayan ever sent me.
I taped it up there and never took it down.

The way everything is set up in our house, the "home
base" for our AT&T (TV and Internet) is in my room.
It's like a bloody Christmas tree at night, so...

...I use a sleep mask. Works a charm.

The view out my window--a tree and a fence. And a recycling bin.

A catch-all baker's rack for my printer and other stuff.
The shoebox is for stuff that needs to be shredded.

The piano, assorted Swimmy minions large and small, a mischievous cat,
and a flower pot full of cat toys.

A bunch of fun stuff people have given me over the
years, and two items autographed by members of Keane.

The other side of my bed: jewelry, lesson planning stuff,
cookbooks, crafting stuff, odds and ends.

The top of that cabinet. I just couldn't pack those three Snoopy pieces
away in my storage unit.

The closet. Clothes, shoes, scrapbooks.

Other side. The drawers are for underwear, pajamas,
jeans, and a TON of workout gear.

My running shoes get a place of honor.

Next to my door, a bulletin board crammed full of stuff--postcards from
friends, a medal from Petite School's 50th anniversary, a medal from my
first 5K, and a Drama Queen sign from Mom and Dad. Thanks, guys.
The large pic is the whole group--teachers and students--from my summer gig.

The bed is back down, the sheets washed and put back on. You can see
how crowded it is in here with a queen-sized bed.

Mom gave me this fleecy blanket a couple of Christmases ago, and it's a
favorite for snuggling up in on cold days. Also a favorite for cat naps.

Draped at the foot of the bed--Mom crocheted each little rainbow circle, then
surrounded them with white to make squares, then rows, etc. Took her
ages--but worth it.

I put out a few Christmas things in my room, including Santa Swimmy and
Rudy Swimmy.

In one cabinet--yes, I save my change. Every few days I empty all change
from my wallet and put it in the coin sorter. Right now I've got $12.50.

In this one, you can see where I hang my purse behind the door.
It's not fancy, but it's my space, and I am comfortable here. I am thankful that my parents let me crash here, and that I have a safe place to live while I continue searching for more full-time employment.