Monday, December 28, 2009

The Decade in Music -- 2000

**Ed Note: This is the decade in music as I saw it. There's far too much out there, and I had my own personal tastes, just like anyone.**

I thought it might be fun to compile a post of the best (and worst) popular music of the decade, as 2009 wanes and a new decade approaches. I started the year 2000 as a huge, insane fan of N*Sync. I was never much for any of the other boy bands, but my college music major butt was way into these charming, handsome lads. My favorite, Lance, turned out to be gay, but isn't that just the story of my life?

N*Sync had it all--they were more Disney-friendly and likable than the Backstreet Boys, and far less annoying than 98 Degrees. They had moves, looks (even Chris was cute in his way, admit it!), and they could actually sing.

But like all pop culture phenomenons, there was only so much the public could take, and before we knew it, we were saying "Bye Bye Bye" to N*Sync in favor of newer, fresher music.

Also popular that year was the horrid, unescapable "Graduation Song" by Vitamin C.

Facebook and MySpace allowed me to get back in touch with the friends I wanted to know about, but frankly, I was glad to see high school slide behind me, and I've never needed a cheesy-ass pop song to remember the highs and lows of school--I've got a scrapbook for that.

In 2000, just when we thought we wouldn't have to deal with her one more time, Britni did it again.

Between this catchy song (I admit it!) and "Lucky," I almost started to like Brit-Brit. Almost. But not quite. There's enough vocal snob in me to hate admitting that. I'm not that innocent.

Girl could move, though.

Other songs I loved in 2001:

All the Small Things -- Blink 182
Goodbye Earl -- Dixie Chicks
Only God Knows Why -- Kid Rock (But--but--he was so EDGY!)
Angels -- Robbie Williams (this was a US hit in 2001, but a hit way earlier in the UK)
Pinch Me -- Barenaked Ladies
I Think I'm In Love -- Jessica Simpson (a one-time lapse in judgement)
Meet Virginia -- Train
I Try -- Macy Gray (a decade later, I can't stand it)
Learn To Fly -- Foo Fighters (the video was awesome).

Songs I loathed in 2001:

I Knew I Loved You -- Savage Garden
Say My Name -- Destiny's Child
Jumpin' Jumpin' -- Destiny's Child (in fact, I can't recall ever liking any of their stuff)
Thong Song -- Sisqo
What a Girl Wants -- Christina Aguilera

Forgotten Gem of 2001

Back Here by BBMack

I had forgotten about this! Aww, the fresh-faced British lads of BBMak. I wonder what happened to them? I see a Wikipedia search in my immediate future, and a post about the music of 2001 in yours.

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alana said...

I loved Destiny's Child and I've discovered I like Spear's newer stuff. American pop has become something else in the last few years.