Monday, December 28, 2009

My Holiday Weekend in Pictures

Just a few pics of a fun, quiet holiday weekend with my parents (and the cats).

Christmas Eve

From playing with wrapping ribbon to long winter's naps, the Cooper Cats (Kooper Kitties?) had a very happy Christmas.

We ate Mexican food on Christmas Eve, so that I could control my portions and what I was putting in my mouth. Whole wheat tortillas, beans, chicken, and I didn't use any cheese on mine.

Christmas Day

We went to dinner at some family friends' home. Vern and Claire and my parents go way back. Dad and Vern were in Nav/EW school together before Dad even met Mom! They are lovely people, and we had a very nice Christmas dinner with them.

On the way, I snapped a picture of myself.


Yesterday, Mom and Dad indulged me by driving to Santa Rosa to see the Charles Schulz Museum. They'd never been, but this was my third visit.

I've taken tons of pictures of the place, so yesterday I didn't really take a lot of pictures. However, the "Psychiatric Health Booth" set up in front made me squeal so loud, Dad almsot hit a parked car. I ran over to it. Dad said, "Do you want me to take your picture?"

Silly question, Daddy!

Having never used the bathrooms in the museum, I had never noticed their fabulous signs.

After the museum, we walked across the street to the Snoopy Gallery and Gift Shop. I made out like a bandit. Christmas figurines were on sale, and I also bought a plush Franklin doll. I had never seen a plush Franklin before, as he's not as well-known as Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and Sally.

All in all, a quiet, relaxing weekend. Mom and I watched Pride and Prejudice one evening, and Persuasion another. I'm working my way through Wives and Daughters (the theme, here, is BBC period dramas based on Jane Austen or Elizabeth Gaskell novels).

I'll be returning home on New Year's Eve. There had been tentative plans for a date, but those fell through, so I think I'll do some big-time cleaning/purging in Casa Meg. The new year seems the right time for it. I want to deep-six my old pots and pans and put the new ones I got for Christmas in place. My old ones are so beat-up from many moves that the lids won't fit on them anymore! As someone who is taking back her diet, it's important to have a good set of kitchenware.

Hopefully, too, I'll find some inspiration to post my year in review posts soon. : )

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