Sunday, December 07, 2008

Big Sister, Little Brother

So far, it's going as well as can be expected.

Millie shows no love to Harley, but she hasn't been agressive to him, either. Just snarly and standoffish. She's also not mad at me--the lady who delivered him pointed out that Millie won't associate me with bringing him into the home. Instead, the unknown lady is the "bad guy." It seems to be working.'s official. I'm in love. How do I love him? Let me count the ways...

1. Sir Purrs-A-Lot

My little dude has hardly stopped purring since he got here. I don't even have to touch him--just open the bathroom door after he's been shut in there for a while. He is all Mama's Boy. Last night before bedtime, I wrapped him in a fleece blanket and held him to me while I lay on the bed. He purred 'til I thought he might break his purring mechanism! He started dozing in my arms, still purring away. Millie came up on my other side and I stroked her ears. She started purring, too. Then she realized what was wrapped in the blanket and started alternately purring and hissing.

2. He's All Kitten

He's curious, playful, and into everything. He needs constant supervision (no, little dude, those Christmas ornaments are not there for you to play with!). His brakes aren't fully developed yet, so he slides on the kitchen floor when playing. He hops, skips, leaps, and "spider dances" (that's what Mom calls it when kittens arch their back, put the tail down, and spring up and down like a Halloween cat). He's discovered another kitten in the 2nd bedroom (the closet doors in there are mirrored), and he's spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out that one--even once running into the mirror by accident!

I love watching him dash up and down the hallway, frantically batting at a mouse or a ball. His energy is endless. He plays hard, and then he crashes. Adorable. At the moment, he's in crash mode.

3. He Comes When He's Called!

All I have to do is pat the ground and say, "Come here, little dude!" and he comes running over, usually to butt his head up against me, purring like the Harley he is, and trying to climb up my shirt.

This morning, I woke up way early, so instead of getting up and starting my day, I let my little dude out of the bathroom (when the door opened, he immediately started purring, then streeeeeetched his way out of bed to rub against my legs). I brought him into bed with me, where we spent some time cuddling. He walked around a lot, and tried to attack the tissue I had on the bedside table. But all I had to do was say, "Come here!" and pat the bedspread, and he'd be back, head-butting, licking me, begging for love and affection. He "makes biscuits" and climbs all over me.

4. Just Look At Him!

I will close this blog with pictures of the little dude after he discovered the Sweet Spot (the warm spot under a lamp on the back of the sofa) last night.

And one shot of him with Santa Snoopy.

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