Saturday, December 06, 2008

Harley Comes Home

It's official: I'm calling him Harley. Watch a couple of the videos below and you'll hear why.

He is adorable. He is also curious, playful, affectionate, and a FLIRT. He's hardly stopped purring since he got here.

So far, Millie has spent about an hour under the bed, pouting. She came out a little while ago to hiss and growl. I put Harley in the bathroom for a while so I could cook dinner and eat and blog--impossible to do while supervising an exploring baby cat.

Harley's response to Queen Millie is to quietly sit in front of her, not making eye contact. He seems smart enough not to start anything.

I can't make this update too long. Poor little guy is NOT liking being locked up, and his meowing is breaking my heart. I'll let him out for a bit, but tonight, he's got to understand, at bedtime, that it's for his own good that he's spending the night in the bathroom. He's got a little bed, some toys, food, water, and a litter box. (Who wants to start taking bets--he's out of the bathroom and on my bed by midnight I'm such a softie.)

Oh, and I'm happy to report that he had a little wee in the litter box. He's a good boy!

Now, some videos. You can hear the rumble this little guy puts out. Just TRY not to be charmed!

"This is Harley"


(My favorite part is when he drops the mouse, runs over it, and then doesn't know where it is.)

"Are You My Mommy? Yep, You're My Mommy!!"

This last one is the best of the bunch.

Some people think cats are stupid, but I don't subscribe to that. My little dude knows he got lucky tonight--he found his "furrever" home and it's not a bad home to have. Millie will come around, and both cats will establish a routine. God knows I have enough room in my heart for both.


Miz Minka said...

Oh, that third video... I totally agree with you: he absolutely knows you're his new mommy and he has a furrever home.

Yep, midnight... ;)

Meg said...

Actually, I made it all night. He only cried for a moment, then settled down. I had a long cuddle session with him before bedtime, with a fleece blanket. Then I put the blanket in the bathroom with him, sort of draped over his donut bed to make a warm cave. Found him in there this morning!

Arturo-Heather said...

What a cutie! Welcome home Harley!