Sunday, December 07, 2008

Adding to the List of Fans

Well, dear readers, Summer officially thinks Harley is adorable. Turns out he does not have any problem whatsoever with new people, and spent most of the day in the 2nd bedroom with Summer and I, sleeping on my foot while we scrapbooked. Oh, and purring so hard I could feel him vibrating.

More pictures? Of course!

I just can't get over how sociable and affectionate this little guy is. He seems to know that life is going to be very good for him from now on. Millie still doesn't like him, but she's not quite so fast to hiss and growl at him. I'm giving her a lot of love and attention, and she purrs for me and cuddles. I know they are going to learn to share a home with each other, and their mom.

Right now Millie is hiding behind my bread box on top of the fridge, and Harley is on the back of the sofa. He follows me around. Scrapbooking in the 2nd bedroom? He's in there. Surfing the Internet? He's right behind me on the couch. Before long I'll get him up and play with him for a while before having cuddle time and putting him in the bathroom for the night. It worked last night, so fingers crossed that it works again. He's just not ready for unsupervised night roaming, even though I suspect he'd spend a lot of the night cuddled with me.

We're now at 25 hours, and I couldn't love him more.

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