Monday, December 08, 2008

48 Hours

We're an hour and forty-five minutes short of the first 48 hours. Here's a by-the-numbers look at life in my apartment.

1 -- Number of twerpy little brothers. Harley is adorable, sweet, loveable and awesome...and he's also a twerp to Millie. My fearless little fuzzball just a moment ago swiped at his big sister's tail--knowing full well that she will give as good as she gets.

1 -- Number of time-outs for the Little Dude. As I typed that first by-the-number, Harley returned, again, to annoy Millie. He's currently in time-out, which I hate, but needs to be done.

2 -- Number of adored, worshiped kitties in this apartment.

5 -- Number of visible scratches on my hands from tiny kitten claws.

10? 12? -- Number of times during the composing of this blog that I've had to give Harley a sharp, "NO!" and remove him from the computer wires.

23 -- Number of hours 'til Harley's appointment at Village Vetrinary Hospital, at which time I'm learning how to trim his claws!!

242 -- Number of times Harley has purred like the motorcyle he's named for.

Priceless -- The worth of all the cuddles, purrs, and cute moments Harley and Millie have provided me, and will continue to provide.

...I'm just excited about trimming those claws!!

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