Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Crazy Cat Lady: Day 14

Wow, I've had the Terrible Torties for two whole weeks now! We still have one week to go. Mom and Dad are in Lisbon tomorrow, then they have one more stop in the Azores before setting off across the Atlantic for Ft. Lauderdale.

As I write this, both Bella and Duchess are at the "watering hole" for a snack and a sip. With three cats in the apartment, the food and water levels fall fast. With Millie, I have to replenish the cat chow every 2-3 days. I learned quickly that with the Kindergatos in residence, I have to refill the bowl every day!

Tomorrow I go back to work after a glorious two-week break. Part of me is ready to get back to it, but part of me definitely wishes I had just a few more days! Still, my work days fly by, and then I get to come home in the evenings. The word "fundraiser" doesn't even enter my vocabulary these's a lovely thing.

I'm loving these cooler days and nights. Fall has definitely arrived and I hope it's here to stay! Farmer's Almanac, I read somewhere, is predicting a wet winter for everyone, and I certainly hope that is true. California always needs rain. This summer was awful with the fires everywhere.

We're entering my favorite time of year--the transition into shorter days, colder weather, sweaters and all good things. Gone are the cold drinks, and in with hot tea and warm kitties and good books. I can dig it!

That said, I need to clear some space on my bed. All three girls are curled up in close proximity to each other; but of course, they're all on MY side of the bed. Once we're all settled in, we're all usually pretty happy. I woke up this morning with three cats snuggled up to my can't beat that on a cold Sunday morning!

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