Tuesday, June 13, 2006


188 boxes of it, packed by two young men who work for the moving company (this does not count the boxes in the storage room--holiday decorations, my crap, etc.--and other stuff we packed ourselves in the last few days).

But we're all packed now, and ready to go. The movers will be here bright and early tomorrow. With the last of our stuff in the truck, we will be at the Inn at Port Hadlock, and most likely without internet access. I have limited chances to check email at school, and once Friday rolls around, I'll be having fun in Seattle. : )

Other shtuff...

New Job Happenings

I've heard from both the instrumental music teacher and the choir teacher (the lady I'm taking over for) and both seem very eager to help me make the transition as painless as possible. I'm getting quite excited, especially as I've been looking online at apartments and seeing some nice-looking places (the goal is 2 bed, 1 bath, with washer/dryer and a dishwasher--at an affordable-on-teacher's-salary price, of course).

Three Days!!

Only three more teaching days, and one of those, there is no 4th period (I'm subbing, though). On Friday, I'm not really teaching--I'll just be there for the assembly to give out awards and have my kids sing. Easy day, there.

High Maintenance

I have a lot of crap to haul in my car over the next few days (see blog post below). Chatting with Heather last night, I told her that Mom had asked me if all this stuff would fit. I replied, "It will. I might not have a place for Heather, but my stuff will fit..."

: P

Heather's retort when I told her about this exchange was simply, "If it comes down to me or the clarinet, I win."

No worries, though, on that score. Rosie is the small sedan that thinks it's a pickup truck. And, like her owner, she's got a big trunk.

Gotta Go

...if I want to eat. We have nothing but junk in this place, and I'm craving veggies. Mom and Dad are ready for dinner, so we're off!

Cheers (from the laptop)!


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