Thursday, June 15, 2006

Root Beer

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Goodbye, House!

Well, that's all folks. The contents of our house are loaded into a large moving truck (and our cars). The movers were there all day yesterday, working hard. This left time for the parents and I to sit around for a while, then clean like mad. Some stories (I wish I could get the pics up, but I packed the cable for my camera, silly girl).

Reminiscing About Root Beer

One of our happiest family memories is the time when Grandma Bean ordered a root beer float at a restaurant, then got flustered as she watched it overflow onto the table. As she fretted and swiped at the mess with a napkin, Grandpa looked at her and said, "Well, don't shake it up!!" We all fell about laughing (though of course Grandma just glared at him), and it became a long-running family joke: "Don't shake up your root beer float."

Mom and I were reminiscing about this yesterday as we sat among furniture and boxes upon boxes of stuff. As ever, it made us smile. If we'd known what would happen later in the day, we'd have been laughing harder.

New Adventures in Root Beer

It was late by the time the movers finished, so Mom and I took the cats to the hotel in her car, leaving my car with Dad at the house. When he finally arrived at the hotel, I was more than ready to retrieve my suitcase, have a hot shower, and go to bed. Dad was thirsty for something sweet, so I offered to stop by the vending machine for him.

The only non-caffienated drink in the machine was root beer, so I bought one and carried it to my car to gather my belongings.

I had cleaned my bathroom using bleach products that afternoon, and had changed into my old, ripped-near-the-crotch jeans and an old shirt. I carefully folded my nicer jeans and nice top and put them in a bag with my book and some other stuff.

When I unloaded my car, I put the root beer in the bag, and tied it to my suitcase. Which promptly fell forward. Oblivious, I hoisted it back up and started tugging it and a plastic tote of toiletries up to our third-floor room (thank God for elevators!).

When I got to the room I took Dad's root beer out. Uh-oh. There's a leak in the side of the can, and it's spraying a tiny stream of root beer.

I ran to the bathroom and set the can in the bathtub, then went back to my back to survey the damage.

"Crap!! My only clean pants! I was gonna wear these to school tomorrow!!"

My jeans had a huge spot of root beer...right on the crotch. Mom held them up and it looked like I'd peed my pants! Dad, who hasn't laughed much in the last few days (he's a worrier), snorted and Mom and I started laughing, as well. Pretty soon, I was laughing so hard I almost did pee myself and had to run to the bathroom. I had to get by Mom, who couldn't understand what I was trying to say because I was nearly choking with laughter. Tears were streaming down my face and I was actually almost sobbing with mirth. It was about the funniest thing I've experienced in years.

Ahh, damn. Lunch is finished, and I have to go sub. More stories and adventures later.

No more root beer for me!

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