Monday, June 12, 2006

Suitcases in the Bathroom

Everything I will possibly need in the next week (and quite a few things I won't need) is stuffed in my bathroom so the movers will know not to pack it and stick it on the truck. This includes enough clothing and clean underwear for 2 weeks, make-up, two hair dryers (one regular and one with the round brush doo-dad on it), a plastic under-bed-storage box of toiletries, my two favorite pillows, a blanket with my scent on it (for de-stressing the kitties), the first two Harry Potter books, my beloved "London England" hoodie, 4 pairs of shoes (not counting my Nikes, which are on my feet right now), my jewelry, the cell phone charger, my iPod and its various cables, my digital camera, some clothes hangers and one very old Snoopy doll.

Snoopy does not get packed like other common baggage.

The fun part will be hauling all this crap down to my car, then into a hotel room, then back to my car, then into another hotel room, then back to my car, then driving to Sacramento.

I'm feeling very high-maintenance right now. : P

Right. This will most likely be the last blog update (for real) before next week. When next I post in my LPB, I will once again be a California Girl.



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