Thursday, December 02, 2004

Drama, thy name is year 7 (and stories of taping things to my bum)

Oy vey!

Thursday is year 7 day for me. I teach all year 7, all day. It is the only day of the week I have any contact in the classroom with year 7.

It is now Thursday afternoon, and I'm exhausted!!

They are such babies. They have major issues. "Miss!! Miss!! I need a pencil!!!"

"Miss!! Miss!! He's saying that I beat him up!!!"

And my all-time favorite:

"Okay, class, please complete the worksheet. Don't forget to put your name on it!"

*Five minutes passes*

"Miss!! Miss!! Do we have to put our name on it???"

I love my kids but they do generate more drama than should be legal. The big thing this week is Ouija know those boards where you attempt to talk to ghosts and spirits and ask stupid questions like, "Am I going to die?" and then get completely freaked out when it says, "Yes." ?? Yeah, those ones.

Turns out little Ryan in 5th period is hurt (understandably so) by the fact that the kids on the playground were trying to call up the spirit of his deceased father.

I understand that would be hurtful, but it still doesn't give him lisence to stand in my room yelling "shut up!!" to everyone over and over again.


The second part of the title to this post is far funnier. It's all about Miss C completely embarassing herself.

I had an article from the Folsom Telegraph taped to my white board. My parents had a little blurb about my moving to England put in the paper. Anyway, I needed the space on the board, so I took it down and set it on the table.

Then I sat on the table to write on the white board.

When I got up, I couldn't understand why all my year 9s were laughing at me.


"Miss, you have a paper stuck to your back..."

I groped my back a bit. Nothing.

"Umm, I mean, to your...bottom."


Sure enough, my Folsom Telegraph article was taped to my bum. I just started laughing (seriously laughing 'till I had tears in my eyes) and the kids were shocked to see me laughing at myself. One of them said, "We're not laughing at you, Miss, we're laughing with you." I laughed even harder and said, "That's nice...I'm laughing at me."

Ahh, fun times at St. Peter's High School.

Tomorrow promises to be just as fun. The staff are putting on a fashion show, and I have offered my services. The students will be charged 50p (proceeds to go to charity) to attend at lunchtime. We are all dressing up to represent something we are/do outside of school. One lady is a brand-new Grandma, so she's got an apron, knitting, and slippers. Ruth, the lady in charge, is not a biker babe, but she's dressing as one and modelling to "Leader of the Pack."

So what's Meg doing?

Well, the only thing I could think of was to go as what I really am: a California Girl. And since the kids are always asking if I've met any celebrities...I'm going to be a California Celebrity and strut down the catwalk to the Beach Boys' "California Girls." I come complete with paparrazzi--a co-teacher has kindly said he'll run around pretending to take pictures of me while I wave him away.

It should be a good laugh.

Ahh, blessed silence. I am posting from the staff lounge. School is done for the day. All I need to do is go home and relax and eat leftover tostada salad.



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