Friday, December 03, 2004

Don't you wish they all could be...

California Girls?

Oh yes, you know you do!

Fashion Show:

Oh my goodness--what a fun thing to be a part of!! It was truly fantastic and a huge laugh.

I'll set the scene...

I was standing back stage in a red skirt, black sweater, and sexy black heels. With a red scarf tied around my neck. In my hands were a fake fur coat, sunglasses and a compack mirror. paparazzi had not arrived yet. Ack!

Finally, Stuart, the co-teacher I'd convinced to be my paparazzi, showed up, looking a bit harried. He says, "Two minutes!" and runs off to who-knows-where. A few minutes later I go looking in the hall behind the stage and he walks in--he'd gone to the trouble of bringing a completely different suit to school! Plaid suit. Not a horrible plaid suit, but very "reporter," indeed.

He also had this completely wonderful hat and a card that said, "press" on it. And a camera around his neck. I started giggling and saying, "You look great!!!" He really looked the part.

We were 7th of about 13-14 acts to go out. Stuart went out on stage first and turned to face me as the curtain opened and "California Girls" by the Beach Boys started up (so appropriate, eh?). I came sauntering onto the stage to massive cheering from the kids in the audience. Stuart ran and hopped around the stage pretending to take pictures of me while I waved him away and turned my back on him. I strutted down the catwalk in my best "model walk" and gave my biggest movie star grin to the kids. I waved and blew kisses and did a little curtsy. It was a blast. I slung the fur coat over my shoulder and let my hips sway and just had a blast. It was such good fun. The kids went nuts!

I have vague recollections of Stuart being in front of me every time I turned around. He really got into it. Not bad for someone who 2 days ago didn't know if he wanted to be a part of the show (until yours truly said, "Hey...I could use some paparazzi...").

The other acts were just as great. Carol (the Pastoral Support Manager for Sixth Form) went out with an itty-bitty paddling pool, a duckie shower cap, a glass of "wine" and her bathrobe. Ruth (head of Sixth Form) was the "Leader of the Pack," wearing her son-in-laws leathers and helmet and riding a tricycle. Trevor (maths teacher) was James Bond and later a dancing football referee. Caz (South African PE teacher) was Jon Bon Jovi and brought the house down. The teacher assistants joined the Army, Chris (a teacher of many things) went out in his kayaking gear, and there were a host of other great acts. The California Girl thing went down very well, though.

Hopefully the pictures Kathy took will turn out...if they do, I'll post them here.

I'm so glad I participated--the kids loved it and I think they'll see that I'm willing to have a laugh at myself (if the whole taping paper to my bum didn't do that already) and that I can relax and be a fun teacher.

Happy Friday!!



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Shae said...

I would have loved to have seen that! I can't wait until you post the pictures! :)