Saturday, May 06, 2017

For the Birds

The bird arrived last weekend. It perched on my laundry drying rack on the balcony, and sat for a bit.

I'm think it might be a Western Scrub Jay, but Da Boyz don't care what it is. They just want at it.

Throughout the week, it's been back many times--enough that I think it's mocking them. I have a hummingbird feeder, but not a regular feeder, because squirrels have wreaked havoc on attics in this complex, and, in my upstairs unit, I don't want the expense of dealing with squirrel damage above my head.

There must be a nest nearby, because this bird--and now a second--keep showing up on my balcony, and outside my bedroom window, perched on someone's satellite dish. This morning, I had a late lie-in while Archie and Popcorn stared out the window, flicking their tails and making that chirping noise that makes their whiskers tremble.

Later, it was back on my balcony, and soon joined by a second. The boys were going wild. It's hard to get them to sit on my lap anymore, as they'd rather watch Bird TV.

"You can't catch me!!" 

Sitting pretty

I guess the boys will just have to content themselves with catnip mice as prey.

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