Monday, March 20, 2017

The Boyz

If there was ever any doubt that Popcorn and Archie would completely steal my heart (there wasn't)...they have.

We're just past the three-month mark, and I love the boys so much, it's ridiculous. Every day they make me laugh, and every day, I'm thankful to have them.

Popcorn is my lap cat, my cuddlebug. He loves to jump up on the couch and knead his paws on my lap before making a quick circle and plopping down for a long nap. He doesn't offend easily, so if I sneeze or get a bit wiggly, he just rolls with it. If I scratch his ears or his back, a very faint little rumble will start, even as he dozes.

Archie isn't as much of a lap cat, but he definitely demands his share of attention, and, with his brother, he sleeps next to me on the bed at night. He's more likely to be ripping a catnip mouse to shreds on the floor while Popcorn and I watch from the comfort of the couch.

Seriously, The Boyz are pretty special.

They both greet me when I get home from work, but this was
after a quick run, so Popcorn declined.

Archie has his own morning beauty routine.

Popcorn, rolling around and being adorable in the cat tree.

I went out for a run while they stayed home.

All the smells to smell.

This is how we Sunday.

I brought home this cute plant stand/table and was quickly
reminded that everything must pass inspection.

Archie in da house.

Popcorn on my lap.

"I don't always sleep next to you, but when I do, I...oh, yeah.
Actually, I always sleep next to you."

Curled up in a ball, but vertically. He happily stayed like that
(between me and the arm of the sofa) for a while. 

Archie. :) He's not actually fat. 


Most of the time they're together but sometimes they both
need a little "me" time.

Half on my lap, half on the pillow next to me.

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