Sunday, March 19, 2017

More Fun in Casa Meg

After several months of using a tiny TV on a night stand, with cords hanging out all over, I finally found a TV stand.

See, my tax return was big enough that I was able to pay off both my credit card and my sofa (with enough left over for a plane ticket to visit Summer in Phoenix for Spring Break, yay!!). I still have approved credit at RC Willey, and the delivery fee I paid for the sofa is good for a whole year. I found a reasonably-priced TV stand that I liked the look of, so I bought it. Mom and Dad are getting a new TV soon, so I get their not-so-old one, which is three times the size of what I currently have.

In the meantime, I've done some picture-hanging and whatnot in preparation.

The morning of the delivery, I unplugged everything BUT the

Archie (inside) and Popcorn inspect the new furniture.

My TV is SO TINY. Also, I adore my peacock. 

Later I bought a pretty, inexpensive pitcher and silk flowers
for some pop.

I nicked the frame from Mom and Dad and put a 5x7 shot of
some daffodils that I took last year in London, and the
Christmas card I sent out when I was living in Burnham.

Yesterday I added a couple of framed pictures. The bigger
TV will really finish it off.

The view from the couch.

I also recently bought some frames for some priceless artwork, to hang above my dresser. I was teaching my students about Cubism and loved how my samples turned out.

I also bought a plant stand that is doubling as a tiny table next to the couch, because I needed more light there. The London phone booth picture had been displaced from over the fireplace, so I put it there with the tiny London bus I've been hauling around from one home to another since 1999.

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