Sunday, October 02, 2016


I've had one of those weekends where I keep finding things that are exactly what I want for the condo...and while this does, indeed, make me very happy, it also makes my checking account a little nervous.

Case in point:

On Friday, I went to Target, and one of the things that was on my mind (but not my shopping list) was a set of black wall shelves. I checked them out and lo and behold...a great set of four shelves was on sale. I snapped them up, took them home, and discovered they came with two picture frames!

I put them up in the office yesterday, to display some of my Snoopy items.

While I was in there, I moved my desk and baker's rack to the window wall, and I like the set-up much better already.

Not a bad little office/music room. There's even room for
me to eventually add a futon.

If the shelves weren't enough, I had put the idea in my head that a matching pair of wall sconces (for candles, not electric lights) would be adorable on either side of my china hutch. I looked on Amazon but decided that ultimately, it would be more fun to find something while out and about--to go hunting.

Yesterday, I met my friend Meghan for brunch in Historic Folsom, and after our meal, we wandered into some of the little chi-chi shops along Sutter Street. And of course, in one of them--one of those "Shabby Chic Vintage" shops, I found a pair of wall sconces that had me staring at a wall, blinking rapidly, and thinking, "That's it. These are exactly what I didn't know what I was looking for."

Everything about them fits right in with my decor, and I knew they'd look fantastic on my teal accent wall.  (Not pictured, a plastic tray on the floor with food for my sweet house guest, Bella Blue.)

It's not even a room in its own right, but it's the world's cutest dining room.

After buying the sconces (not...outrageous, but not cheap, either...), I headed back towards Antelope, but along the way, I stopped at a little shop in Orangevale that Mom had told me about called Finder's Keepers. It was much the same as the shop in Folsom, and there, I found a marvelous metal coffee cup cutout (we're calling it a teacup in this household).

And then I stopped at JoAnn and found the adorable tea-themed prints I'd been eyeing were now on sale for 60% off and the one I loved most could be had for about seven bucks.

So now my blank kitchen wall has something pretty.

The little pop of red is perfect, right?!

Notice that everything I found this weekend matches my decor perfectly and fits my personality perfectly, as well.

Today, I've stayed home, because as fun as it is finding things, a lady's got to be frugal, too.

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kleinwort said...

Beautiful, hon! I can appreciate you sequestering yourself. I picked up the perfect piece for my living room after seeing it showcased at Silver Queen. It wasn't cheap, but it was perfect. Went back and there, in its place, was the perfect piece for my dining room (the leaves on yellow background in the last video). It was also not cheap. I swore I'd have to put a moratorium on going to Silver Queen. My stomach overruled me.