Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Moving Along

I had to stay home today, as it was the five-year mandatory fire inspection on my building and the guys inspecting needed access to my unit. It ended up taking them about two minutes, so I took a personal day and needed sub plans for a fat lot of not-much...but eh, it worked out, because I also needed a day to catch up on some grading (done!) and do a few little things around the condo (also done!).

I spent an hour or so really trying to organize my second bedroom, which has, of course, been the catch-all room since I moved in. I do use it, however--it's home to my printer, my eBay and Etsy stock, and my piano, which I play daily. While it's bound to have random piles of stuff still, I also want it to be a functioning room.

After a lot of moving things around, and some melodramatic sighing, I parted with some things and found homes for others.

I found a home for my Keane Strangeland flag. 

Next to the piano--my file cabinet, with printer on top. 
My bookcases--home to my books, random crap, and the whole of my Etsy
 By the way, I'm having a sale in my Etsy shop--if you use the code FANCY (all caps) at check-out, you can get 15% off your purchase (minimum $5 purchase, please). It's good until December 22nd, and I'm really hoping to get rid of some inventory, so feel free to share this info far and wide!!

A collection of excellent books by women. 

I have to have some Snoopy and British stuff on display.

My well-loved Harry Potter books. 

This is my eBay stuff. One box is full of bubble wrap and those air pockets
you get from Amazon. The rest is inventory. Eventually, I hope to get all of that
OUT, and put a futon there.

My bedroom has been mostly done for a while now, but with a layer of dust on the top of the dresser, and no rhyme or reason to the stuff up there. Today, I fixed that.

That's a cast of Millie's paw, taken after she died. I'm actually really glad to
have it. She had the daintiest, cutest little feet. 

I hated and loathed the cheap-ass closet doors in this place, so my solution
is curtains. I love how they look, and having four panels covers the huge
opening and allows for me to move them around to get to different parts of
the closet. 

Every day, a little more gets finished. I have an arrival date for my new sofa--October 8 (turns out R.C. Willey had not yet called the Utah warehouse to get it sent to California--a WEEK after I ordered it!!). I look forward to having a big, plush couch to flop on. The bean bag is only comfortable for so long (about fifteen minutes). 

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