Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Loo

Over the last week, I've made a couple of trips to my storage unit to start the moving process from there to my new home. I won't move any furniture (aside from one folding card table and two canvas lawn chairs) over until after my new floors are installed, but I figured there's no harm in taking kitchen and bathroom items over now, and starting the process of setting up those rooms.

Because the boxes these rooms' items were in were quite heavy, I opened them in the storage unit and transferred everything into Rubbermaid containers and canvas shopping bags, then made several trips up the stairs from my car to unload.

In this process, I found a few things I had completely forgotten I had, so it's been a bit like Christmas over here.

One such thing was a small sign, which I hung outside the bathroom in my Stockton apartment, that simply says, "The Loo."

Speaking of the loo, it's really looking nice--even Dad said so!

For starters, I've managed to transform the tub. It's still not perfect (it's hard to see in the picture below, but there's still some staining around the drain), but it's clean.

And I managed to do a decent enough job painting...

Between the mirrors was not fun.

Turns out I did an excellent job matching my paint to my decor, while it was still safely packed away in a box.

On Friday, I put up some new shelves I had found at Target. I'll fill them in as I go along. Yesterday, at Cost Plus, I found an adorable little whale.

You can see my little "The Loo" sign in this one.
It's coming together. This week, I've got someone painting the kitchen and living room for me--I just couldn't face doing the vaulted ceiling by myself! On Friday, the floor guy is coming to tear up everything--carpet, linoleum, laminate--and I might just cry tears of joy. He'll come back on Monday of next week to install my new flooring, and once that's done, the place will truly feel clean. No more Essence of Guinea Pig!

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