Friday, August 26, 2016


So amazingly, despite my going 90mph the last two weeks, things have gotten done and I have new floors installed...and tomorrow, two brawny movers coming to haul everything out of my storage unit into the condo.

I'll move my person, and the stuff I have here at Mom and Dad's house, next weekend, when I have an extra day to work on it and get the place settled a bit more. I'm not in any huge hurry, and work has been busy enough that I'm jealously guarding my weekend time as much as possible.

As for the floors, tell that story better.

The first three pics are from before he put the base boards

My bedroom--that terrible carpet is GONE!!

Shiny new baseboards in the bathroom. SO CLEAN!!

I knew that new floors and a good paint job would make the place so much better, but I wasn't quite prepared for just what a difference it would make. At my first trip over to see the floors, I took a video of my reaction for Instagram, and it's a lot of delighted laughter and "Oh my God!!"

My blogging has been horrible--I have lots to say, and pictures to share, but with being back at school and all the condo stuff, I've been going, going, going and my energy when I get home (let me just add that I've been keeping up with the badass workouts, too) is pretty much nil.

It will all level out soon enough.

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