Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Spot the Duck

Sometimes, when I'm feeling particularly grown-up, and that I've been Adulting like a pro, I need a bit of balance, and out comes the duck.

Over the weekend, I did some major spring cleaning, and over the last few days, I've started filling out loan paperwork for a mortgage. It's all very exciting and...terrifying. So, out came Cali Swimmy, and we've been having a bit of fun doing Spot the Duck pictures on Instagram. Most of them are pretty easy, but a few are tougher. He can blend in when he wants to.

Sunday, at my storage unit.

Sunday, admiring my organized close.

A tough one--Mom's garden.

Celebrating the $5 I put in this little bank to start my London
2017 fund. 

Filling up Sylvie's gas tank.

Wandering around Lincoln, waiting for the thrift store run by the
cat rescue group to open up.

He's in this one. Hint, doing what he loves most. 

Fairly self-explanatory.

Cleaning the freezer.

Scrapbooking my London trip.

After a good workout with Matt...who never acts like the duck
thing is weird. 
Mom's gorgeous Japanese maple.

Visiting my new physician about my anxiety...and you know,
if a duck calms me down, then roll with it.

Even Cali is like, "This is a LOT of supplements, hon." But
most of us are magnesium deficient and the doc recommends it
for anxiety, as well as the calcium and vitamin D. Matt got me
on fish oil years ago for fat loss, and the others aid digestion and
insulin conversion. 

Maybe I'll do a few more--we'll see. I'm thinking of driving over to the coast this weekend. A little ocean time always does me good.

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