Saturday, March 26, 2016

My State Is Prettier Than Yours

Today, I gave Sylvie some room to stretch her legs, taking her out to the gorgeous California coast via Highway 1. My silver girl loves the windy roads, and handled them like an absolute champ--even managing to maintain a 35 mpg average all day!

Springtime in California is fleeting--before long all the green will dry up and the heat wave will settle in for months at a time. But right now, it is glorious, and I enjoyed my wander immensely.

Good morning, Syl! While I loved my RoPro, I have to admit
that Sylvie has grown on me VERY fast. 

A small market in Bodega Bay, where I found some post cards
for my brother.

Bodega Bay is...obviously...on a bay, so this was my first
glimpse of open ocean.

At a restaurant in Bodega Bay. :)

I headed north of Bodega Bay for a bit and stopped to get some
shots of the Pacific. 

Spring time means our state flower, the Golden Poppy, pops up
(pun most definitely intended) everywhere.

Pardon the copious bird droppings. 

Arch Rock and California's wild and reckless coast line.

Back in Bodega Bay, giving some major side-eye to this.

Tomales Bay

I met Summer in Point Reyes for lunch. 

Just out of Point Reyes, some Happy California Cows.

You're not imagining it--there was a bit of a fog rolling in.

And yet, it's still gorgeous.

For her first major day trip (over 300 miles--previous longest trip was to Emeryville and back), Sylvie was an absolute rock star, and I look forward to many more adventures. :)

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