Sunday, January 17, 2016

My Week in Instagram (Week #164)

Not the most eventful week for me, really, but I suppose that's okay.


Well, not on Sunday. And I don't need resolutions to get to the
gym, anyway. ; )

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

Hoopin', hoopin', hoopin'...

Vacuumed Sylvie and she looks marvelous.

My pretty car.


Bag o' percussion, ukulele, clarinet.

Got the next week's lesson done early.

Monday is a gym cardio day.

Tea and a treat with my book at Starbuck's.

Good stuff at Sac Choral.



Six years far I've come! 

This made me laugh.


Travelin' music teacher.

Re-posted this one, because Cali and I realized it's only
ONE MONTH 'til our trip!

I had my students make some banners, which will decorate the

Each one is an IB Learner Profile word. 

Came home to NEW RUNNING SHOES. Suddenly my whiny
butt wasn't whiny anymore and I HAD to get out there.

"Rub mah belleh!"


This week SUCKED as far as celebrity deaths went.

Our curriculum coach bought a TON of books, and I love that
she included this one.

Oh, Alan. We miss you already.

So. Many. Books.


More books. Awesome books.

More banners. They look great.


That Friday feeling.

Best Twitter parody account ever.

Box o' percussion.

Some people really are special snowflakes.

Wine and blogging.


Normally I send my Saturday workouts (made by me) to Matt
for approval--he might tweak sets and reps or suggest adding
something or taking something away. But I didn't pre-approve this
one. I sent it after, and got an emphatic, "Excellent workout!!"
in response. 

A woman and her kettlebell.

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