Sunday, October 18, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #151)

Understandably, I had London on my mind this week--which was a busy week, as usual. Then, yesterday, it was all about the City By the Bay. 


Sunday in the Gym With Matt. 

A rose bush in honor of Millie. 

Can you spot the (enormous) tomato worm?

Not excited. Nope. 

And then they lost. : (


Monday morning in the library.

While everyone else posted a six-word memoir about being
a teacher or a parent, the VAPA teacher was like, "LONDON

Yeah, I'm gonna freeze. : )


Recorder fingerings.

I did book a show...; )

A treat from the Russian teacher. 


I donated a basket for a fundraiser. 

Dutch song about duckies for my 2nd graders.

So the FM button in my car has a tendency to fall off. As I dug
under the seats for it, I found these. I thought I'd dropped them
in a parking lot--way back in December.


Breakfast at work.

The first items from my Donors Choose project arrived.

Art with first grade. : )

Spaghetti dinner at school. 

Basket raffle. 

I started a folder.


Hot tea and Creedance. 

I made this. : )

He's rolling in his grave.

My instruments arrived!!!!! 

So did my school pics.

Girl Scouts behind me. They're cute, but they're noisy.
Fortunately, I have ear buds...and Keane.


Lovely day for an adventure...

I love taking Amtrak. 

Near the Rocklin station.

Selfie with oncoming train (I was not over the yellow line, I'm
not stupid). 

Sacramento station. 

Nearing Martinez.

The industrial part of the North Bay.


I met Summer at the Emeryville station, and we went into the
city to have tea at a great little place in the Noe Valley

Before our reservation, we poked into some shops. I bought
this brilliant book.

Lovejoy's, the tea place, has this little shop across the street.
It's adorable.

Lovejoy's is adorable--very eclectic, with fantastic service
and food. We love it.

Next to our table.

The scone was melt-in-your-mouth incredible.

All gone! 

I loved this blue building near where we parked.

We drove through the Castro and I took some pics from the car.

We ended up at the de Young Museum for Free Admission Day.
There was a lot going on.

Very large blown-glass fruit. 

There were a lot of performances going on.

Ten dollar candles (the size of a votive) in the gift shop.

Can, can you do the can-can? Can you? Can you can-can?

Outside, in the park, the serious business of fall was going on.
I love this shot.

Two awesome ladies in Golden Gate Park.

Back at the Emeryville station, waiting for my train home.

I walked up to the top of a pedestrian bridge while I waited.
The light was really lovely.

Freight train.

Lady on a Train. 

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