Friday, August 14, 2015

The Week

I've been meaning to write...but every night this week, I've collapsed into an exhausted heap. It's been a good week. A hectic week, for sure. But a very good week.

Will there be challenges in the new job? Of course. For starters, commuting down a good stretch of Watt Avenue twice a day is a soul-sucking experience. It's better in the morning, when I leave, extra-early. It's terrible in the afternoon. But once I'm out of there and on to Interstate 80, it's early enough in the day that I miss the worst of Rush Hour.

The kids are cute. They're like kids at any school, but there's a sense of community and responsibility that is fostered at this school that has been missing in other places. I've only met my K-5 classes so far, and only for 20 minutes each, so it's hard to get a good read on them just yet. But they're excited to have music and art (I'll be adding some art in there), and they're responding well to me so far. I'm new, and different.

My colleagues are all very friendly and helpful. My bosses are present, involved, but not overbearing. They watch, they listen, they care--they do not micromanage (oh, Hallelujah, after this last school year).

Of course, there was also a birthday this week. Normally I make a bigger deal out of my birthday, but this week I've been too busy...and to be honest, I'm a bit "meh" about it this year. I turned 37, and it's a bit of an odd age for me. Thirty-six was fine. Thirty-eight will be, too. Thirty-seven feels weird, and I know that's an odd thing to say, but there you have it. (I dislike prime numbers. There. Now you know.)

What a summer it has been. So many changes, both good and bad. Leaving one job that I really loved, and finding a new one that I know I will love just as much, if not more. Finally going full-time again (it's an adjustment for my body). Losing my precious Millie-girl. God, I still miss her. Earning my personal training certification.

I suppose the whole point of calling this blog Wild and Absolutely True is that I really don't seem to do anything half-way...and the universe seems to comply with that.

Next week I'll see more of my normal schedule going forward. I'm looking forward to starting Monday off bright and early with the transitional kindergarten class, who sat so quietly for me yesterday and gazed at me like I was a rock star with my ukulele. So sweet! I'd forgotten how tiny kinders are, and how much I enjoy them.

In the meantime, I've got a weekend to enjoy. I'm bumping my Friday "gym" workouts to Saturday, and instead of schlepping all the way to the gym, I'm using my kettlebell here at home. Sunday is still my long run day, and I want to get seven miles this weekend. The badass doesn't stop!

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