Saturday, August 08, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #141)

Now that I've passed the CPT's August and time to get ready--quickly--for my new job. I start on Monday!!!

I started my week off with a 7.5-mile hike.

I walked all the way down to the Angler's pond. I've run past
it many times on my longer routes.

Eeee. It's a harmless king snake, but still...

I made chocolate-chip waffles when I got home.

Out with the fitness stuff, in with the music standards!

Sunday was an active day.


Official!!! I'm listed as a Certified Personal Trainer on
NASM's web site. 

Bella has been hunting.

My birthday present this year--a ukulele! I'm loving playing it
and it will be perfect for accompanying classroom songs.

Everyone needs unicorn socks.


On Tuesday I started a two-and-a-half-day training. It ended
up being really good, just a bit long.

They fed us, so  s'all good.

When I got home, I didn't particularly feel like running, but
I went out there anyway.

And this happened.

Another beautiful cake by Mom.


Matt assigned me 250 Kettlebell Swings for Wednesday.
Wednesday was a long day. So...okay. I'll do them at 5:30
in the morning, in the garage.

You kind of have to love being at a teacher training that
involves having a "mail bag" for affirmations from your peers.

Last day of training. 

The Peanuts Movie did a #DrawSnoopy hashtag on Instagram
and Twitter. This was my contribution.

I bought four books by this guy--ALL awesome. I'm going
to find them very useful. 

Getting back into that afternoon-running habit.


Sweaty. Red. Triumphant. Badass.


Had a fantastic morning workout, then lost about two inches of
length and had my layers restored. A good morning!

Matt and I had been talking dogs, and I told him about the late
Holly Berry, our Ewok dog. Then I got home and had to look
at old pics of her. 

Today. Aside from doing laundry, I've had a thoroughly lazy
time of it. Good reading, and next up is ice cream and Game
of Thrones.

I've been practicing my ukulele a lot! Getting better, bit
by bit.
I have a link to an Instagram video of me playing my uke and singing a little, if you care to see it.

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