Sunday, August 30, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #144)

I managed to take a lot of pics this week, and some are even creative!


I was supposed to run eight. Thought I ran eight. Pulled out my
phone and...oops. Good oops.

Holy sore calves! I woke up to a Charlie Horse that morning.

Triumphant, bragging runner.

Mom's garden.

In or out, ladies? 


Our kinder classes are temporarily housed across the street at
a Catholic church, so three mornings a week I hike over there.
It's really pretty.

My uke and I, waiting for some TK kidlets. 

Just the shadow of a teacher carrying an open laptop, two small
bags, with a ukelele strapped to her back. And an iPhone
in hand.

Lesson learned: Don't try to run on Monday after nine miles
on Sunday. Cross training is your friend. And your knees' friend.

This came in the mail and it was super-exciting.

Tea ring.


Good morning, school!

The Kinder classrooms are so cute.

Music Teacher

Me: Have you been crafting?
Matt: *laugh* Yeah, I've been crafting!
What it is: A lacrosse ball in a long sock.
What it does: Loosens sore muscles. 


Painting a color wheel to show my students what I expect.

Tints and shades.

"Our Flock Rocks!" More kindergarten adorableness. 

I had my third grade students do some rock "painting." 

I gave middle school kids paint and lived to tell about it.

Selfie with ukelele.


Sound Wave Art (fourth grade). They've been learning about
sound waves in their science unit.

Give them an idea, watch them run with it. Awesome!

Waiting for my appointment with Matt. He hasn't made me flip
that tire yet. 

Back in the garden. I like to chat with Mom while she tends


On Friday, we Jamba.


SO MESSY. By the time I left, it was no longer messy.

"Can I have some colored pencils and markers?"

This was a fabulous idea. Pedicures with Sarah.

BEST color!

Post-pedi Orange Crush adult-type beverage.

And a cheeseburger. Oh, hell yeah.


Kettlebell day.

I beat last week's time by something like eight or nine minutes.

No biggie, just holding 25 pounds of iron above my head.

This dude has been persistent in a not-so-nice way. His
first message to me, back in June: "You have a big chest."

A visit from Dixie.

I've viewed him exactly twice. The second time was
an accident. Believe me, he's a troll who thinks
he's hot.

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