Sunday, August 23, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #143)

Wait...what day is it?


This is the kind of stuff we have around the house.

This is Callie, our neighbor...and a DESTROYED Sunday

Seven on Sunday! It was a GREAT run.

Teensy-weensy baby lizard.

Lesson Plannin'


My mobile music cart up and ready to go. : )


Sweaty and hot. Hot and sweaty.

Found this on Instagram. YUP.

That's Millie's paw print. I cried when I picked it up. The lady
at the front desk of the vet's office gave me a hug. 

This man sort of terrifies me.

And then yesterday, he asked me out. Sigh.


It was a bun kind of day.

Lunch. Again.

Lesson plannin' some more.


Froggy by our front door.


Cutest shoes!


Breakfast...and lesson plannin'. 

Morning snack.

This was Thursday's workout with Matt. I got to set how many
reps I did at a time, and which order. It was brutal. I felt

Dusk in the garden.

Pretty rose.


Egg shakers!! 

This is a coloring sheet. I'm going to use it for my third graders
to draw some Chumash rock painting figures.

Puppet Friends!!!! I had gotten rid of my previous finger puppets,
so I bought all new. So excited to use them.

Friday night fun.

Pentatonix were amazing. They're so talented.

Handing over five bucks for a rental lawn chair was the best

Time with Summer is always good. 


Agility ladder, kettlebell swings, kettlebell squats, push-ups.
Brutal. And awesome.

So sweaty.

A gift from Summer. : )

Okay, things are going way too far.

It all started chipping an hour later, despite a top coat.
So, off it came. Oh, well. 

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