Saturday, July 04, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #136)

I took one hundred twenty-five Instagram pictures this week. That might be a record.


Colorful Sunday Runday

A rare break from brown and yellow.

You see steps. I see SAQ training (speed-agility-quickness).

People get into holidays around here.

It's rare to be able to see Mt. Diablo and Sacramento on a
Summer day. It's usually too hazy.

Rural-ish Lincoln.

We went to an antique sale at a place in Rocklin. I love
antiques, want them all, but fortunately, left my wallet at
home (on purpose).

I would have totally bought this toy piano. And the strawberry
cup in the pic above.

And the green glassware.

Someone posted this on Facebook and I nearly fell off my
chair glorying in the awesomeness. 

Of course, on Monday, I went to Santa Rosa, and the posts from my visit to the Schulz campus are already blogged here. But that's not the only Instagramming I did that day.

Online dating gets more and more hilarious. What out for those
dudes who date Cheerios.

A few cute ones from the Schulz campus.

I still love that I had a Snoopwich Sandwich (almond butter
with strawberry jelly on whole wheat).

Look at the drawing board--you can see the worn-down spot.

We spent a couple hours relaxing at the hotel before dinner
and the concert.

When you're in wine country, the hotel provides bedside

This was near the restaurant.

Well, damn.


Me, Katie, Tom, Summer. A good crew, a fun evening.

Ben Folds!! We were in the 2nd row.

He stopped to tie his shoe between songs.

Drumming--he actually majored in percussion. 


Our hotel was on Red Barn Road, and this is why.

Summer bought me breakfast. 

Summer stayed at the hotel for a bit longer before check-out,
but I had plans to see Santa Rosa's air museum at the
Charles M. Schulz-Sonoma County Airport. 

F-15. This very plane was one of the first responders on
September 11th, in New York City. 

F-14--the info said this one was used in "Top Gun" but when
I asked the docents, they said that was actually incorrect.
I replied, "Darn, I was hoping to get its autograph!" 

Who cares if it's not a movie star? It's still a badass airplane.

I think it was ground crew who signed this one.

Flowers growing under weapons. 

I stopped in downtown Santa Rosa on my way out of town.
Parked RoPro, promptly saw a great sign.

My purpose for stopping, just beyond this sign. 

I love this--Santa Rosa is justifiably proud of their famous
former citizen, and I'm sure they love the tourist money
he still draws in. 

I found a scrapbook store and had to stop in.

This made me giggle.

Finally home, I enjoyed my adorable cookie from the museum.

While I was gone, this arrived in the mail. I ordered it on
Etsy last week. I'm not a particular believer in angels, but
for some reason this gives me comfort. 


A souvenir from Santa Rosa.

Dad got Mom a birthday present a few days early, and
wrapped it himself. :) 


I had to Throwback Thursday to these cuties. Friday marked
five years since I took them in for two weeks. This was day
one, while they were still too shy to come out of the carrier

Who runs up a half-mile hill when it's already 85 degrees out?
Morons. Morons do. 

I've been seeing a lot of these lately, and that makes me happy.

I went to Lowe's hoping to get something else for Mom, and
ended up buying her a hibiscus plant for the garden. They
are stunning.

Bedside table. 

I got a lot of cracks about posting my roller--a few people
seem to think it's something naughty. Nope, it's pure "hurts
so good" for my back when it's bothering me. I lay on it.

A visit from Dixie always means cookies from Dad. 

That white spot is an egret. I was too far away to get a great
shot, but yes, it was overcast. 

Fridays are not run days, so I walked, because instead of the
gym, I was working out at home.

Gorgeous shot--just as I hit the "post" button, it started to rain
on me. 

After spending much of Friday morning cleaning, Mom and I
spent Friday evening prepping food for today.

Before I could go to bed, I had to get to 20,000 steps. I ended
up walking some figure eights (in both directions) in the

Dad put the flags out this morning.

I went for another walk.

This is the same pond as the pic from Friday--I walked down
to it today.

THIS. I know people who refuse to celebrate this holiday, and
this is the best rebuttal I can find. Yes, there are people who
are still not enjoying many of the freedoms many of us do.
There is work to be done, always.

We moved garden furniture around and set up tables for
Mom's brunch party.

Mimosa punch.

My contribution: it's crescent rolls baked as a crust, topped
with cream cheese, mixed with sugar and cinnamon. Then put
fruit on top. It was a hit! 

Mom also loved my idea to put flags in the utensil holders.

Green-eyed Lady.

One couple gave Mom these lovely flowers. 
We had a great fourth. Everyone left by about noon or so, so after helping Mom and Dad clean up, we've had a really lazy day. I have a long-ish run tomorrow, so resting and carb-loading have been the order of the day.

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