Monday, June 01, 2015

In Summer

Ahh, Summer. That glorious time of year when people with teaching credentials take a deep breath, relax and...

Whoa. No. I'm so not built to sit in a hammock all day.

I look at this time of year as a time to keep working--just on other projects. My "day job" is at rest for now (though this year, of course, I'm looking for a new day job to replace being Choir Director at GBHS), so I have to have ways to occupy my time. For 2015, I have a list:

  1. Up the intensity of my workouts. 
  2. NOT showering at the gym--Hallelujah!!!
  3. Start running again after about a month off. 
  4. Reinstate some swimming into my life (IF I can get in the pool; those aqua aerobics ladies are territorial, and they're vicious).
  5. Get a personal trainer certification.
  6. Make more goodies for my Etsy shop
The certification will be the most work-intensive. I plan to start today, by going to the local library. I could, of course, study at home, but I find that there are too many distractions--the TV going in the living room, Millie wanting my attention, a refrigerator about 30 feet from my to the library I shall go, armed with my laptop, my brick of a text book, and earbuds. 

Of course, there will be some time for relaxing and fun. I have a stack of books that aren't going to read themselves, and some fun upcoming plans. Just in this month, I'm having tea with Summer in San Francisco, and later in the month, we're going to a Ben Folds concert in Santa Rosa, spending the night there, and visiting the Charles Schulz Museum the next day. 

There will be drinks with friends and hopefully a fun day out here and there with Meghan or Sarah. 

It's not imperative that I start training for my next half right away, but I want to get back into the longer runs again. They just feel good, and it's a nice way to spend a Sunday morning. 

(Who AM I these days?!?)

I have two job interviews next week, and the possibility for more is always there. Sometimes a school calls the day before and asks, "Can you come tomorrow?" It's not the most convenient thing, but I make it work. 

Summer will fly by--it always does. I'm confident that I will have something lined up by August. In the mean time, my "summer job" begins, and I'm eager to get started. 

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