Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #130)

This week I have been sick, emotionally and physically exhausted, busy, and now, this weekend, LAZY.


One of those "life hacks" you learn about on Facebook that
really works and changes your chicken-cooking habits forever.

Those Dove Mocha Latte and Dark Chocolate Swirl ones
are DIVINE. 

Sleeping Beauty. 

Head licks.

Even though I felt crummy, I needed healthy meals for the
week. Cilantro-lime chicken tacos and guacamole quinoa.

A bath made me feel marginally better.

There but for the grace of Halls go I.

End-of-year mess.

I stopped for strawberries at my favorite stand on the way home.

Keeping Mom's garden alive while she's in Europe.


Feeling like crap, but my makeup and hair are on point.

It was a sassy boots kind of day.

Finished this in the nick of time.

Furby made an unauthorized appearance.

So of course I got some cuddles. 

Bella is getting more and more brave.


Zero period choir/band rehearsal.

High heels are a controversy? 

Ready or not, it's concert time!

Beautiful flowers from my kids after a GREAT performance.

"Oh, you're tired? From a concert? Let me tell you about MY
day. I had to eat, and nap. I had to spar with Bella. Then there
was the litter box visiting. Oh, and do you know how much
time it takes to bathe this hair? Stop complaining, lady."

I had some time at home Thursday afternoon, so we did some
more garden time.

Three of my girls sang on Thursday night, at the Jazz Band
concert. I sat in the sound booth.

Something to do with lighting.

My view.

Choir Room Tree


"Do you know how exhausting it is to keep up with Bella &
Duchess? I'm an old lady. Napping isn't easy, you know. And
here you are, saying you're tired just because you had two
nights out and a trifling cold."

Tired, still feeling a little gross, but at the gym, because that's
just how I roll.

From a catalog I got in the mail. I love this.

Never a dull moment in my office.

When one of the choir families includes my cat in a gift to
me. So cute.

This is in downtown Lincoln. 

More pics from Mom's garden. I can't help it. It's so lovely.

I decided to brush Duchess. She was NOT amused, until
I gave her cookies a few minutes later.

Tuna Time!

Texting with Dad. I am very much his daughter.

Bella and Duchess, trying to figure out what the garage is.

Life is good, eh, Millie?

Gummy bears soaked in vodka.

This was not mine!

Pomegranate margarita. 

Messy table (those chips are amazing).

To Go container.

We eat vodka gummies with forks because we're classy like

So we all had margaritas and appetizers, then went to see
Pitch Perfect 2. It was a good evening. 

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