Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Half-Week in Instagram (Week #126)

I have half an hour to kill before I do room checks--we made it safely to Anaheim after several hours on the bus. Surprisingly, it went by quite quickly, the long slog from Northern California to Southern California (in some ways, really, two different states). We won't have a lot of hotel time after tonight, but nonetheless I'm glad I brought my laptop with me.

Anyway, I intend to Instagram the hell out of Disneyland tomorrow and Saturday, so here's Week #126 in Instagram, before I haul out my intrepid little lucky rubber duck and take him to Donald Duck's Houseboat tomorrow. Good times, ahoy.


Researching a mostly-written but yet-unpublished blog

Sunday Selfie--no makeup, no glasses.

Mom started planting her tomatoes.

Millie got some garden time herself.

Then we settled in. I had a book to read, Millie had a nap to

The Good Life.


Roses from the garden.

I bought this on last year's choir tour. 

Gym selfie--gettin' it done.

Two sets of lat pull-downs at 70 pounds, then one at 80.

Maayani gave me this pencil four years ago this week. It's
my Choir Pencil. : )

My second language.

My tax refund ($82) came on Tuesday, along with my car
registration ($96). Getting money from one government entity,
giving it to another! 

Rollin', rollin', rollin'...

This was on LOLCats and I about fell off my chair.

Someone is SO EXCITED to meet Donald Duck again.

The garden at dusk.


When you run into that cute boy when you are fresh as a daisy
and wearing a very cute outfit.

The "Countdown to Anaheim" and "days" are my writing.
The rest is all students. 

Same as the last one. ; )

Sunrise over the Large Suburban High School.

There are actually people on this bus. A lot of them were
hunched down in their seats. There are 12 of us.

Along Interstate 5

We stopped near a bunch of places. Everyone trooped into
Starbucks. Because of course.

Pyramid Lake, and yes, it was quite overcast today. 

So much red. 

King-sized bed, and a couch all to myself. Not a bad deal.

On the way to dinner we drove by Angel Stadium. Terrible
picture with the reflection.

When we got back, I realized I have a ceiling fan in here.

The view from the bed. Those shoes ran the Urban Cow
Half, and will get me around Disneyland for two days.

Tomorrow is going to be busy and fun and hectic and exciting. We start at Disneyland, then leave for a few hours to go to Fullerton College for the music festival. Then it's back to Disneyland. Saturday, we're at the park all day. I feel like a little kid, I'm so excited.

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