Sunday, March 15, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #120)

The week itself was fairly normal, but this weekend was eventful.


Cooking with Truffle-infused olive oil. I'm so classy.

Black bean and spinach "muffins" (for lack of a better term)
for my breakfast this week.

Whole wheat pumpkin bread for the inevitable carb-loading.

I used that olive oil on this tomato/basil/goat cheese pizza
and it was pretty much as heavenly as you'd guess.

Mom's garden is coming along nicely.

For International Women's Day, I listened to some music
by women composers my Music History classes failed to
teach me about.

I don't normally share quotes on Instagram, but I like this one.

Bench pressing. : )

Monday selfie. I like my new eye makeup look.

The stages of waking Millie from her mid-day nap.


I love this face.
Smoothie and Mozart for dinner. Must be Sac Choral time!

It all makes sense to me.

High A. At least he didn't give us any B-flats in this one.


It's rare that I have to stop for a train on my way to/from
the Large Suburban High School.

This train lasted a while.


Another selfie. Why not?

We did a fundraiser at Jack's, so that was dinner sorted. 

More awesome women composers. Hildegard's music was

Rockin' the jammies-and-no-makeup look.

Rain!! Not a lot of it, but still.

Boots and leg warmers kind of day.

My computer at work has been HORRIBLY slow lately. So is
Lynn's. The wifi is overtaxed.

It was starting to hit me that I only had a few days 'til I'd be
doing my next half. 

Watching the Soyuz landing on NASA TV. 

Never too far from Mom.

This pillow is for propping up my Kindle.
"No, this pillow is for ME. Purrrr." 

Prom jewelry, a marching band uniform button, clarinet pin
...odds and ends from high school.

"You have a day off?! WE CUDDLE!!!!"

Throwback Thursday to Baby Meg.

I spent some time finishing this on Thursday afternoon.

In the evening, I had to go in for 8th grade Electives Night.
I love these kids. They did everything.

My choir room tree...showing signs of spring.

Thank you for making my leaving SO much easier. 

I stopped at Safeway, fell in love with a duck, and...well,
you know how I am.

We've started a choir tradition of having breakfast during our
midterm and final. So I offered up my Snoopy waffle iron. You
know I love those kids when I make three batches of waffle

When we have midterms or finals, 3rd period starts at 7:45.

We rehearsed for the first hour, and spent the second hour
eating and watching a movie.

I didn't even have to man the waffle iron. One of my girls did.

I came home to find Mom and Dad chatting with our neighbor
Don and his beloved Dixie. 

We all love Dixie. She's adorable.

Friday night: Rehearsal at the Sacramento Community
Center Theater.


I had a few minutes, so I wandered over to Capitol Park.

Sign of the times. 

The back of the Capitol.


EVERYONE ignores this sign. I got a fellow singer to take
this pic and we had a good giggle. 

Soon to be filled with wonderful music.

Just me and 160 of my closest friends. 

Soprano eye-view.

When he wasn't playing, one of the French horn players
worked on the crossword from the funnies page.

Ready to sing! 

Woke up to some Millie Love.

My Shamrock'n outfit.

I checked into my hotel room at about 1:00. The Hyatt is
very nice.

Stepped out on my balcony to enjoy the view of the Capitol.

I took a walk over to Midtown, taking many pics along the

Memorial Auditorium.

That bridge, rendered in mosaic? I ran across it TWICE

My mission--go to Fleet Feet to pick up my race packet.

I love Street Art.

One of a kind.

K Street Mall, over behind my hotel.

I went back to my room for an hour to relax. 

Then it was back to the theater for some rehearsing. Seems
like all the signs around the theater get ignored. 

Break-time selfie.

Dinner of champions back in the hotel room between
rehearsal and call time.

Backstage in my Goth Anne of Green Gables dress.

Back in my room for the night. There's the cupola lit up.

Very Tired Soprano.

I'm already off to a huge start for this week, what with today's race--Half Marathon Number Two! I can't believe I do this stuff for fun.

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