Saturday, February 07, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #115)

This week flew by so fast, I had to go back in my Instagram pics just to remember what happened.


I took a quick break mid-run to get this picture.



Feeling pretty good after nine miles. 


Since Sunday, more camellias have opened. 

Millie was not impressed by the Super Bowl. 

Sumo dead lifts. That's pretty damned heavy for me, but I
dead lifted like a boss.
A church I drive by on my way home. 

"Do I have any emails from my admirers?" 

Elvis--er, my friend Brian--and the Singatones promoting
our annual Singathon fundraiser at Sac Choral. 

One of my choir girls sent this to me. It's lovely to see that
I've built a rapport with these kids, that they think, "I should
share this with Ms. C., she'll laugh." 

Heart(s) on my sleeve.

I had duty on Tuesday--sell tickets at a basketball game.

This is how excited I was to be there. It wasn't so bad, though.

Full moon over a Large Suburban High School.

I made a Google document on my computer, which was
automatically accessible on my iPad, which I then plugged
into my projector to share with my kids. I haz a technology.


Some kids like to hang out in my room at lunch. One left an
angsty love poem on my white board. Occupational hazard.

Bella joined Millie and I for some bedtime cuddles.

I love my cheapy little Megan necklace.

In 18 months, I've never managed to step on that and turn
my computer off. I did it TWICE in the span of 15 minutes
on Thursday.

After work, I stopped to get 3 inches of length chopped off
and a ton of layers, including a return to face-framing layers.

Dad bought me a ducky toy. : )

Candy hearts

My sweet Millie Joyful.

It was a rally day, so I had to rep Team Green. I am, after
all, a co-captain. 

And order of tux pants, bow ties and fake pearls arrived on

I was so ready to go home on Friday, but too tired to move
from my chair. So I took a selfie, then had a nice chat with
Lynn, my friend and office-mate. 

While I was at work, Mom and Dad took a class on making
tamales. I got to benefit from this come dinnertime. 

They were delicious.


Caturday morning cuddles.

I made roasted chickpeas tonight. I sprinkled a tiny bit of salt
and some chili powder on them. Yum!

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