Tuesday, January 13, 2015

The Sneeze

Today, I was sitting at the piano, teaching a new song to my choir, when the sudden urge to sneeze came upon me.

"Just a sec," I said faintly, "I'm going to sneeze."

My kids waited patiently...and the sensation passed, un-sneezed.

"Ugh," I muttered, and went on with the rehearsal. Or tried to--a moment later, that sneeze-urge returned, and again, I paused. My nose started to drip a bit, so I got up and dashed over to the Kleenex box.


"I hate that!!" I said out loud to a roomful of surprised kids. I got a few smiles and sympathetic looks in return.

I started to play a part for one section, talking a little bit as I played it on the piano, explaining the intervals they were singing, etc. Suddenly, out of nowhere, with absolutely no warning...

I sneezed.

A chorus of giggles and "Bless you!" rose from my choir, as I shouted, "Finally!!!"

Of course, I love my job most of the time anyway, but these funny, odd little moments always remind me why.

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