Saturday, January 10, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #111)

The holiday season is behind us, and it was back to school this week, for a new semester. It's starting off nicely, though I felt a little "blah" this week, thanks to an inconvenient monthly visitor.

But, anyway.


After two weeks of non-use, my backpack was ready to go.

So many books to read! I've set a goal of reading 100 books
this year. I'm already on book 4 (The Last Days of Dogtown).

Reading with Millie.

Brushing Duchess

Life is so difficult when you've got the big red chair and a
catnip puff.

So. Early.

Back at the Large Suburban High School. 

I couldn't take Ol' Blue Eyes down.

It's recruiting season. 

I took this pic of a dog tethered to a car in a busy parking lot
but later found out it hopped out while the owner wasn't
looking. She was horrified to find her dog like this. 

New running shoes make me happy. 

Back to Sac! After taking a couple months off, I rejoined
the group on Monday for some Mozart.

This can make any teacher want to weep with joy.

I've decorated my desk for Valentine's Day.

Kissy Swimmy.

Tuesday's run was on the school track. It was awful. Slow,
sluggish, not feeling terrific. 

But I did it, because there is no quitting.

I'm Grizzly Tough. 

On Wednesday, I forgot to pack my boots in my gym bag, so
I wore this charming combo to work.

At least I looked nice from the waist up.

Back to Staples--my second trip this week--because I have a
thing for office supplies, apparently.

Mid-week napathon. 

I'm not totally in love with her, or anything.


I've upped the amount of water I am aiming to drink every day.
And I'm going to the bathroom a lot.

Mom moved some plants around and I like it.


Random pic in the house.

Another random pic. The house cleaner came on Thursday,
so the house sparkles. 

My legs were a blur on the bike.

I had an hour to kill after choir before meeting Summer, and
Pandora was down. Emergency!!!

Had a brief meet-up with Summer at a nearby restaurant. 



I had a glorious lie-in this morning, and some excellent
cuddle time with Millie. 

A Detroit sweatshirt in California. Made me think of my duck
lady, Lindsay. 

This plant is turning all kinds of gorgeous colors.

Mom's garden in winter. A little bit woebegone, but Spring
will come in its time. 

There's still some blooming going on, though.

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