Saturday, January 24, 2015

My Week in Instagram (Week #113)

I was light on pictures for most of the week, until today. A trip to the ocean with Summer will do that.


Sunday Morning Fog Run (8 miles).

Mid-run break.

Post-run, caught some of the scenery.

8 miles, most of it with a scarf to ward off the cold.

That's the sun between the branches.

"I can haz lap time?"

I went on a date. He was 10 minutes late, and a bit of a dud.
Come on, TALK to me!

Fell asleep at 10:30. At 11:00, every smoke detector went off.
Fortunately, it was a defective unit, and the two Lincoln FD
who responded helped Dad remove it. They were great. We have
all new smoke detectors now.

Missing smoke detector. Dad went straight to Lowes on

Mom, Millie and I caught up on Downton Abbey.

But it couldn't hold Millie's interest.

Boots, leg warmers, and yes, I wear leggings as pants because
I can, so there.

Oh, I haven't taken a pic yet today? Okay. *silly selfie*

RoPro made the most embarrassing squeal as I left work, so
I took her straight to Mazda. An hour and $200 later, she
had a new alternator belt.

Got home to a surprise from my brother. It made me giggle.


Messy desk? Must be Wednesday.

Wednesday was a crazy-long day, but I caught a few minutes
of sunshine at Starbucks.


My green sparkle running skirt arrived! I'm going to wear it
for the Shamrock'n Half. 

Before I could park myself, someone else had jumped to
my chair.

New perspective. That's the ceiling, from my desk,

I took a two-hour nap on Thursday, and someone was very
happy to cuddle under the blanket.

I subbed for a US History teacher, and this was the assignment.

After school, Cali Swimmy and I were off on an adventure.

The hotel room had the cutest couch ever.

Summer and I had Thai food for dinner. I didn't let Cali see
that there was duck on the menu. He has a hard enough time
with me eating chicken. (I DO NOT eat duck.)

Don't judge my awful taste in wine. It was cheap, and I was

With my cheap wine and some Jeopardy, Summer and I
partied like rock stars and had the lights out by 8:00. I was
OUT by 9:00. 

Driving across one of the many bridges that spans the bay.

Destination; Half Moon Bay.

Half Moon Bay is a photogenic little town. 

Turtles at the feed store.

Not much was open, so we decided to drive south and see
what we could see.

It's a terrible drive.

Truly NOT scenic.

Not scenic at all.

We ended up in Pescadero, a blink-and-you'll-miss-it
little town that surprisingly has some gems. 

There was a small row of tiny little shops in sheds. The kind
you put in your back yard.

Of course we had to stop on the ugly California Beaches.

A very small duck contemplating a very large world.

And the obligatory duck-on-head-beach-selfie. With Summer
reflected in my glasses.

Driving back towards Half Moon Bay.

We ate lunch at Half Moon Bay Brewing Company.

Parmesan Truffle Fries. Yes, delicious.

After lunch, a quick wander.

A duck watching ducks.

Random phone box on the way back inland.
Today was absolutely lovely, and a much-needed mini-break for two busy music educators. It's always marvelous to spend time with Summer, and to get some beach time.

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