Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meg's Fancies on Etsy--A Tour

For a few years now, I've been listing cards on Etsy, in my little shop, Meg's Fancies. It was born out of my period of unemployment and my love of making cards. While it's never been the most thriving shop on Etsy, I enjoy maintaining it and I do make the odd sale here and there. Just last week, someone bought almost $40 worth of my cards.

My shop has grown as I've made more product for it--especially in the last year. Over the summer, I had a lot of time to get creative, and I also utilized my Thanksgiving and Winter breaks as well. Now I have over 450 items listed. For all that, however, the physical space my shop makes up isn't large. Right now it occupies two main containers.

This one's about a foot in height.

This one is maybe three feet?
The drawers keep everything organized and safe from damage.

This drawer has gift cards I've made.


 The banners, confetti, and gift tags are all listed here.

This drawer has most of my holiday cards, as well as photo cards. 

I use Post-It Notes to separate sections easily. It takes a little bit of digging
when I make a sale, but I don't mind.
That's about four or five years' worth of product, right there!

Of course, I have to have supplies to make all of this product, and I keep that all very organized, too. Mom graciously let's me use her craft room to store my things and make cards, so I try to keep the mess as small as possible.

I manage to keep everything contained in this.

The large bottom drawer holds cards, raffia, blank tags, and some photos.

Of course there's a drawer for stamping stuff. All that's
left from the days when I had TONS of stamps.

This was a gift from a coworker when I worked at
Stamp Mania in high school. I still use it on the back of
cards I make.

The Mary Engelbreit calendar makes for some darling cards.

Adhesives and Modge Podge and scissors, oh my!

Scrap paper, old road atlases, and a really cute craft book Mom bought me.

  Mom's cutting table, scene of a lot of card-making. The shoebox is where
I keep new product waiting to be listed. 
I'm happy I've had some time in the last year to make more cards, and keep my shop going. It's obviously not the biggest source of income for me (that would be my teaching career), but it's a nice hobby, and another source of creativity for me outside of music and blogging.

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