Saturday, December 27, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #109)

I have, quite simply, been too lazy to blog this week, because I've been thoroughly enjoying the holiday week.


Seen after my run--disgusting, but oddly fascinating.

First day of Winter.


The lowest amount I've paid for nearly a full tank of gas (I have
a 12.5-gallon tank) in a long, long time.

Blurry, but when Millie sees me, I don't get much chance
for picture-taking before she's up and wanting a cuddle.

Glorious sunset.

California Girl, California Sunset

Hot buttered rum, Mom's fruitcake, and the best Christmas
show EVER.

"You're going for a run on your break? *sniff* You're weird."

Five miles! My longest run since the Urban Cow.

The bird blends in.

A lot of standing water from the recent rains. 

It is truly beautiful here.

Died my hair a slightly darker brown for winter.

Sparkling wine...

...and cheese. BLISS.

Butternut squash mac and cheese, and also great company:
Meghan and The Roz. 

At our table. I giggled.

After the gym--yes, on Christmas Eve--I got down to business.

Tea and a truffle. Life is good.

"How many of those pressies are for ME?"

Our annual Meg-'n-Mill selfie.

Mom's prime rib was superb.

The whole dinner was superb.

"This pressie smells good!!" 

"What could it be, Millie?"
"I dunno, Duckie. Let's open it. It has our names on it."

Duckie can't hold her nip.

We watched about 15 minutes of the Grumpy Cat movie before
giving up. 

Yes, I ran on Christmas. Three miles. In a Santa hat.

Then I made a huge mess.

We had a full turkey dinner at Vern and Claire's. They're
long-time friends of Mom and Dad, and I like them very much.
Claire's cousins were there, and they are lovely women, too.

Vern, getting down to business.

We nearly broke the table.

Millie and one of the new toys.

The Last Truffle.

A half marathon training plan.

So, here we go. Ten weeks 'til the Shamrock'n Half.

A special Caturday collage.

I set off early, stopping outside of Dixon for gas.

Then I met Summer in Fairfield, and we spent a few hours
in Wine Country.

St. Helena, California

Mexican food for lunch.

Browsing the shops.

I was very good and did not buy anything at Woodhouse.

Tree-lined highway.

The vines are sleeping for the winter.

Calistoga, California.

Wine bottles as decorations.

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