Saturday, December 20, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #108)

It's beginning to look a lot like TWO WEEKS OFF.


I bought some toys and goodies for Toys For Tots. 

Meanwhile, Bella and Duchess did Sunday their way.

The flowers my kids gave me at Friday's concert.


The split pea soup I made on Sunday was more of a split pea
mash. It tasted fine, it just wasn't soup.

White House ornament on Mom's tree.



Santa's already dropped off some stuff...

Christmas Mouse has a long tradition in this home. 

Festive scarf!

Furby spent a lot of time in the music office this week.

Final piano lab grading.

You might be a teacher if, while walking around campus, you
find a white board marker in your pocket.

Gym selfie. Yep, that's sweat.

I HATE when women sit their wet buts down and don't wipe up
after themselves in the locker room. Ugh.

It was Ugly Sweater Day at school. I had jingle bells, pompoms,
and poorly-placed elf hips.

There were also ball ornament earrings, because why not go

From a former student's parent. : )

The house is so inviting when I get home. 


The sun comes up over a Large Suburban High School Day
One of finals. 

I wore this sweatshirt, which I've had for 19 years.

We finally got all of choir's Christmas stuff put away, including
my first contribution--20 large plastic candy canes.

I've been receiving a lot of positive feedback on the concert,
and that makes me feel good.

From a piano student. *sniffle* 

I admit it, I called this guy a special snowflake...turns out he
was waiting for a tow truck. 

Teachers get a lot of gift cards. I don't mind this.

Mom, Dad and I watched National Lampoon's Christmas
Vacation for the first time in ages, and belly laughed like
we hadn't in ages. There was shrieking from laughter.

Millie doesn't understand Chevy Chase's humor.

I didn't have any classes on Friday, but I went in to get some
work done. Lynn and Furby were feeling festive.

Worked on my Spring handbook. (Which means taking the fall
handbook and updating dates.)

People keep feeding me!

Clean desk, left behind for two weeks of break. 

We had our staff party on Friday night.

It was hosted by a couple who live in one of those neighborhoods
that goes all out.

Cali Swimmy approves.


I approve!

Classic. So classic.

As I approached my colleague's house, imagine how delighted
I was to see an even BETTER Peanuts display. Love!!!
Saturday with the Tortellini Sisters.

Happiness is chocolate. 

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