Saturday, December 06, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #106)

There were a lot of cat and Christmas decoration pictures this week. I regret nothing.


I found these mugs at Salvation Army in San Francisco. The
old collectible one on the left? Two bucks. The wreath one?
Three bucks. Awesome.

This is the rhythm hooted by my wee-hours visiting owl.

Sunday, done right. 

I took time on Sunday to put up my small kitchen tree.

My two newest ornaments.

I bought this one last year, and it's already a favorite. 

Too many Snoopy ornaments? NOT POSSIBLE.

In my bedroom.

I bought this at a craft fair a few weeks ago. So cute!

My finished tree, complete with a Snoopy tree skirt.

I brought these books home and Mom put them next to her tree.
They're all from my childhood--the Rudolph book has both
Aaron's and my childish scrawls in it. :)

While lying on the floor trying unsuccessfully to get a pic of
Bella under the tree (she's so dark!), I took this shot.


The tree outside my room...a few days later, it started going

Deck your desk with Charlie Brown...falalalalaaa, la la la la!

Pretty sunset.

We are having an Ugly Sweater day at school. Mom and Dad
found this for me. Pompoms? Check. Jingle bells? Check.

A pretty shot.

My little tree.

On Tuesday, the rain came. And continued a lot through the
week. We so need it.

My tree...starting to shed.

I dragged some of the risers into the choir room to practice.

Very faint rainbow over a Large Suburban High School.

Then the tree meowed at me.

Hot chocolate on a Wednesday morning.

I expect it to be naked soon.

I ran some errands after school, and found the edge of the
storm. Where there's sun and rain...

...there's a rainbow.

In this case, a full-arc double rainbow. I had to stop.


Wednesday evening, I had duty at the dance show. It was
POURING when I took this. Several parents were late because
Interstate 80 flooded, causing huge delays.

Moments of sun, but the storms weren't quite finished with us

She's just so cute and pretty and photogenic. 

Bella, wondering why I'm taking pics when I could be rubbing
her tummy.


It was a Furby Friday in the Music Office.

Artsy shot of Mom's tree.

Selfie with cat.

Lap time.

"You mean, you'll be home ALL DAY tomorrow!!! Purrrrrr..."


They rarely share like this, but spent hours today in the chair

A peak at my Chistmas cards.

Mom got me some Christmas scarves. I will be wearing them
a lot over the next few weeks.

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