Monday, December 01, 2014

Fall Comes

There's a large tree outside my choir room, and last year, I delighted in its fall colors--vivid red-orange, slow to lose its leaves. It's a marvelous tree, and this year, I've been keeping track of it via Instagram for the last few weeks. While other trees started changing, this one stayed stubbornly green, for the most part.

I took this first picture on Friday, November 14th, happy to see that it was finally starting to change.

Thinking it would be fun to track the gradual color change, I took this one on Friday, November 21st. A little more red, but still a lot of green.

That, of course, was the last day before a week off for Thanksgiving, and I had no plans to drive all the way to school (about 14 miles) just to take a picture of a tree, so I left it for our return. My best guess was there would be patches of green, but I came back this morning to what you see below--a tree on fire.

I love fall.

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