Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Measuring a Year, Part 4: Favorite Blog Posts

I don't have a wide readership, but that's not really the point of my Little Pink Blog. I mostly just enjoy the exercise of writing my thoughts, and it's rather nice to have documentation of things I've done, thoughts I've thought, etc. Every once in a while, I like to go back and look at older posts. It's amazing what I've forgotten about, even in the space of a year.

In 2014, my blogging was lighter than it's been in other years--I'm just busy, I suppose. But I've written some posts I'm quite proud of, and here are some of them.

We Are Teachers

In January, I wrote this somewhat disjointed post about teaching, and how I hope to be one day what Mr. Gaesser, my high school music teacher, was to me.


In which I grapple with seeing older pictures of myself and feeling like they must be someone else. Weight loss is weird, ya'll.

This Happened

There's not much writing to this post; I posted it in the middle of the night while on choir tour. But it still makes me giggle.

10K Finisher

I never dreamed I'd run my first 10K this year, let alone my first half. Here's the post detailing hte 10K, in April. I'd run another in July, as part of my increasing mileage training, getting ready for the Urban Cow in October.


Sometimes, I have to give myself permission to love my body, flaws and all.


I made my response to the huge conversation that took place regarding women and how we navigate the world.

Something Weird, Something Awesome

It's amazing what can happen when you force teenagers to admit that they are awesome--even if it's just for getting out of bed and facing the world that day.

Ten Years of Meg

I celebrated the 10th Blog-oversary of the Little Pink Blog in July, and it was fun to go through my pictures and see how far I've come since that very first post.

A Letter To Myself, Ten Years Ago

Perhaps the best post I wrote this year--I wrote it a good few months in advance of publishing it, on the ten-year anniversary of leaving for England. It actually makes me tear up to read it. What adventures I've had, and how much I've grown up, since then!

The Body Project: Thunder Thighs

I have Thunder Thighs...who says that has to be a bad thing?

Holy Cow!

Well, of course I have to feature my race recap for my very first half marathon!

And last but not least...


A funny little post about nudity.

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