Saturday, November 08, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #102)

It's beginning to look a lot like chaos. ; )


Cold enough to wear gloves at the start of my run. : ) 

An easy 5K on Sunday. 

Gorgeous morning.

Mom made popcorn. I dropped my bowl and watched it roll
under my bed, scattering popcorn everywhere. 

Personal Foul: Yarn Interference. Five yard penalty. First Down.

"Have an excellent day at work, Mommy. I'll just sit here,
curled up in a warm blanket, while you work hard to bring
home the tuna. When you get home I'll insist on cuddles and
follow you into the bathroom while you shower."

The next five months:
"Whatcha doing this weekend, Meg?"
"Oh, running. Sleeping."


Two for Tuesday. With the time change, it's easier to get out
early to run on weekdays.

I love and hate this bookstore with equal measure.

Twenty candy canes from the 99 Cent store, to be used
by the Large Suburban High School Choir in the Winter

Wednesday wasn't busier than any other day, but I managed to
go all day without taking any pictures until sunset.


There's this warm-up we do where we do different animal
sounds or sing the words "Many mumbling mice are making
midnight music in the moonlight...mighty nice!" in various
styles. The kids decide. 

Fall color at the Large Suburban High School.

From the school paper. I love that this is on their radar.

I love haiku, I love these two in particular, and I love the kid
who wrote them (she's in choir, and she's awesome).

Psst: Don't tell anyone that I'm from another school in the
district!  Infiltrating another school so that I could...

...see this young woman cheer. She's Julia, the daughter of my
friend Sarah, and I remember her as an infant. She's 16 now.
It was fun to catch up with Sarah, and also to see Julia cheer. 

Cat ears in the morning.

Good morning, sweet girl. Yes, I'm awake.

Fall color.

Mom's roses are still thriving.

She planted some fall flowers yesterday.

That's it. Tonight I'm off to a small party to honor my new boss, full of performing arts types (dancers and singers and actors, oh my!) past and present from the Large Suburban High School. Should be fun.

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