Thursday, November 06, 2014

Half Crazy

For the better part of the first half of the Urban Cow, I told myself I was absolutely stupid to be out there running a half marathon. By the time I ran, tired but triumphant...

"I'm drenched, I'm starving, and I smell like a water buffalo,
but BY GOD, I finished!!!" 

...across the finish line, I had changed my tune. I was already thinking about the Shamrock'n Half in March.

Well, registration opened on Monday, and I signed up. Like last year, when I ran the 5K, I get a personalized race bib, so LadyMeg will be decked out in her green best come March, finishing her second half marathon.

When you consider that five years ago, I had never run a single bloomin' MILE, well, I suppose this is impressive.

Pass the Gu Chomps. I've got some training to do. ; )

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