Monday, September 01, 2014

Working On Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

For some, this means an all-out rest from the daily rat race, and I am happy to honor that. However, I'll be working today--only a little, but still. I have a few lesson plans to write up, some paperwork I want to get done, and frankly, it's nice to know I can sip hot tea and work in my pajamas, taking frequent breaks to cuddle with Millie. I figure if I put in a couple of hours today, it will free up time in my week for something I hold even more dear: unionized hours.

See, I'm a union worker (I know, I know, we're dreadful), meaning I have a group that looks out for my best interests. My union would probably frown on me taking time on Labor Day to get some work done, but one reason I do it is so tomorrow, after school, I can leave promptly at 3:00.

Side note: school gets out at 2:35, and I'm pretty sure teachers are obligated to stay 'til 3:00 but even if we're not, no one wants to try getting out of the parking lot one minute sooner than 3:00, and even that is inviting all kinds of road rage. 3:15 is better. 

My job takes up way more time than my paid hours give. Teachers take work home--that's never been a secret. I'm actually pretty lucky in that I don't do a ton of work at home, but then, I don't have quite as much grading to do as say, an English teacher. My job is more endless planning/paperwork for tour, field trips, concerts, etc., most of which is best accomplished at school because of facilities. So, while I'm a part-time employee, I usually show up a good two hours before my first class of the day to allow time for email (which I only check at home under special circumstances and generally ignore on weekends), random paperwork, getting my room ready for the day's lesson, score study, piano practicing, etc.

So if spending some time on paperwork today (need to make a new seating plan for my piano class) allows me to come home at decent times this week, I'm all for it. Hey, I love my job and don't mind all of the attendant paperwork and planning that comes with it. But that doesn't mean I want to be there for hours after school lets out, when I can come home, be with my family, in comfy clothes. It's about finding balance, and I'm thankful, every day, for the union that protects that balance for me.

Happy Labor Day!

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