Sunday, September 07, 2014

My Week in Instagram (Week #93)

For a short week, it was exhausting. I was a heap of Zzzz's by Friday.


Sunday Runday: I ran almost 11 miles and had to stop after
to massage my calves. 

Aside from that, I felt awesome.

Saw this with Meghan and The Roz. It was TERRIBLE.
So bad. And yet...nostalgia.

I made carrot-zucchini fritters topped with sea salt. Delish.

Spinach-asparagus-feta quiche

Taking a break from meowing loudly at me.

Watching TV.

Bella Blue

I wore my new ballet flats and holy cow, I love them.

I bought a Brita pitcher for my office. BEST purchase ever.

Even a bun cannot hide that I managed to make my hair
purple on the weekend.

Finished Dragonfly in Amber and went on to Voyager.


Purple hair in the sunshine.

Cleanest Mazda in the West, thanks to a car wash coupon
I purchased from the marching band.

A booster meeting had me sitting around at school, so I read.

Then I cleaned up my desk.


Thursday afternoon trip to JoAnn so my choir kids can make
a solar system for the lobby at Come Fly With Me.

Found in the dollar bins. Yes, I did. His name is Hootie


Friday morning dead lifts.

Supporting my choir program. Twenty bucks, if you want one.

After school, my kids made some props.

Hot air balloons.

These are some great kids. They even cleaned up their mess
before leaving.

Friday was sweet Millie Joyful's 15th (!!) birthday.


While cleaning, I stopped to take a pic of my favorite Snoopy

Later, I had some candy corn.


Mom made ribs for dinner.


Mysterious cut on finger deserves an Angry Birds bandage.
The purple in my hair seems to be fading slowly as I wash it and wash it again, so it should be that nice "black cherry" the package promised soon. In the mean time, I'm watching my Niners beat some Cowboy butt today, and looking forward to another busy week. Off we go!

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